Our protective and marine coatings business

We are PPG. We strengthen and enhance the world by developing and delivering paints, coatings and materials that our customers have trusted for more than 130 years.

From land to air to sea, we serve more industries, in more parts of the world, than any of our competitors. With headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, we operate and innovate in more than 70 countries – working side-by-side with customers in construction, consumer products, industrial and transportation markets and aftermarkets.

Our manufacturing facilities, laboratories, stock points and distribution centers are spread across all continents. This enables us to provide a fast and reliable local service on a truly global scale.

We are widely recognized as a leading name in protective and marine coatings. Our cutting-edge products and services protect assets in some of the world’s most challenging industries and environments:


Airports | Bridges | Recreational | Water/Wastewater facilities | Commercial buildings


New-build | Dry Dock | Inland Marine | Sea Stock | Offshore | Cargo Hold | Water Ballast Tank | Antifouling/Fouling Release


Transportation Equipment | Structural Steel | Under Insulation | Process Equipment | Pipes | Pipework | Floors and Walkways

Oil, Gas and Chemical

Structural Steel | Storage facilities | Process Equipment | Pipelines | Passive Fire Protection


Power Generation | Fossil | Nuclear | Hydroelectric | Wind | Power Transmission and Distribution


Rail Cars | Rail Terminals and Support Infrastructure | Rail Tunnels | Tank Linings | Hopper Car Linings

For us, coating innovation is more than just asset protection.

We are passionate about helping our customers to make the world a safer, greener and more beautiful place. Our groundbreaking technologies protect valuable assets against the destructive effects of corrosion, marine fouling, impact, extreme temperatures, chemicals and fire.

Continuous development ensures we provide optimal solutions for asset owners, contractors, fabricators and applicators across the globe – helping you to meet the challenges you face today and tomorrow.